It's not often that a new twist comes along on an old favorite and becomes the favorite. But that's exactly what happened when we tweaked the good ol' Red Tail Hawk. The new and improved version of the well-known fish catching machine comes to the angler with exceptional quality, reasonable pricing, a commitment to unsurpassed customer service and best of all, proven results.

Check out our photo galleries to see how well these lures catch fish! Red Tail Hawks have been refined by a serious angler for serious anglers. Company founder Frank Neff stands behind the craftmanship. He personally tested and chose the sharpest HD 500 hooks, the selection of fish-attracting colors and the high strand count of nylon hair that gives the lure its familiar silhouette. On the jig's head, Neff added molded eyes that won't fall off and red gill slits that generate a more directed bite from trophy fish.
But it's what these lures don't have that really makes them loved by devoted fishermen - there is absolutely, positively no paint in the eye of the jig head.

With this Web site we offer THE BEST LURES AT THE BEST PRICES!
Red Tail Hawk hopes to make that next catch an easy three step process:
1. Pick the lures you want to buy and pay for them.
2. Open package when it arrives and tie one on your line.
3. Catch fish.

And don't forget to send us a photo! Good fishing and tight lines!

After a year of testing we have launched our new pink tail lures with awesome results.  Not just any pink, the smoking hot shade fish prefer. Give them a try!


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Contact for international shipping.